The Best True Crime Podcasts to Binge Listen

best true crime podcasts

True crime has long captivated the attention of millions, weaving the grim allure of mystery with the chilling details of real-world events. Among the myriad ways this genre reaches its audience, podcasts stand out as a particularly intimate medium, offering immersive storytelling that is both engaging and thought-provoking. If you’re on the hunt for the best true crime podcasts, this guide is designed to introduce you to the top choices that will keep you hooked episode after episode.

What is a Podcast?

In this digital age, it seems like there are countless forms of media to consume, but one that has seen a surge in popularity in recent years is the podcast. But what exactly is a podcast? Simply put, a podcast is a type of digital media that consists of audio recordings that are available for streaming or downloading online. Podcasts cover a wide range of topics, from news and politics to entertainment and true crime.

Speaking of true crime, one of the most popular genres in the podcasting world is crime podcasts. These gripping shows delve into real-life crime stories and investigations, offering listeners a chance to immerse themselves in the thrilling and often chilling world of criminal mysteries. There are top crime podcasts that have captured the attention of millions of listeners worldwide, such as “Serial” and “My Favorite Murder.”

 These podcasts take a deep dive into complex cases, uncovering hidden details and exploring the intricacies of crime solving. By hearing firsthand accounts from detectives, journalists, and experts, listeners get a behind-the-scenes look into the world of investigations and the tireless work that goes into solving crimes.

With the ever-growing popularity of podcasts, there is no shortage of must-listen crime podcasts to choose from. Whether you’re a true crime enthusiast or simply looking for a captivating storytelling experience, there is a podcast out there for you. So plug in your headphones and get ready to be enthralled by the fascinating world of crime podcasts.

10 Best True Crime Podcasts of all Time

Let’s look at some popular crime podcasts of all time.

1. Sistas Who Kill: A True Crime Podcast(2020)

Sistas Who Kill: A True Crime Podcast(2020)

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One of the things that sets “Sistas Who Kill” hosted by MaRah and Taz, apart from other true crime podcasts is its focus on female killers. Each episode delves into the chilling tales of women who have committed heinous crimes, providing a unique perspective on a typically male-dominated genre. From notorious serial killers to everyday women pushed to the edge, “Sistas Who Kill” covers a wide range of cases that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

In a saturated market of true crime podcasts, it can be overwhelming to find the best ones to listen to. That’s why true crime podcast reviews are a valuable resource when looking for recommendations. “Sistas Who Kill” consistently receives rave reviews from listeners who praise its engaging storytelling, meticulous research, and the hosts’ chemistry. It’s no wonder that this podcast has quickly become one of the top-rated true crime series of 2020.

2. Hands Off My Podcast: True Crime (2022)

Hands Off My Podcast: True Crime (2022)

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First on the list is “Hands Off My Podcast: True Crime.” Launched in 2022 hosted by Jasmine Castillo, this podcast has quickly gained a dedicated following for its unique approach to storytelling. Each episode delves into a different true crime case, exploring the details, evidence, and suspects that keep armchair detectives guessing. With a strong focus on investigative techniques and a deep dive into the psychology of criminals, “Hands Off My Podcast: True Crime” is a must-listen for true crime enthusiasts.

Looking for more true crime podcast reviews? Look no further. True crime fanatics have praised “Hands Off My Podcast: True Crime” for its captivating narration, meticulous research, and attention to detail. The hosts provide a perfect balance of storytelling and analysis, ensuring listeners stay engaged without feeling overwhelmed by complex information. Whether you’re new to the world of true crime or a seasoned sleuth, this podcast is sure to be a hit.

3. The Missing Found Podcast (2022)

The Missing Found Podcast (2022)

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The Missing Found Podcast hosted by Jadyn Harlow, launched in 2022, has quickly gained a loyal following for its eerie and thought-provoking narratives. Each episode delves into a different unsolved mystery, highlighting the lives of the victims and the tireless efforts of investigators trying to bring them justice.

What sets The Missing Found Podcast apart from other true crime podcasts is its commitment to understanding the psychological aspects of criminal behavior. Thompson conducts in-depth interviews with forensic psychologists and law enforcement officials, shedding light on the motivations behind these chilling crimes. It’s a podcast that not only appeals to the true crime enthusiasts but also provides a valuable educational resource for those interested in understanding the psychology of criminals.

4. The Dropout (2019)

The Dropout (2019)

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Rebecca Jarvis’s show “The Dropout” is not like other true crime programs. It’s actually a podcast that delves into the fascinating story of Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of the infamous blood-testing startup, Theranos. The podcast follows the rise and fall of Holmes and Theranos, uncovering layers of deception and manipulation that ultimately led to Holmes being charged with fraud.

What sets “The Dropout” apart from other true crime podcasts is the incredible amount of research and detail that went into each episode. It’s clear that the producers and journalists behind the podcast spent countless hours investigating and piecing together the story. As a result, you’re treated to an in-depth examination of how Holmes managed to fool so many influential people in the medical and business world.

5. West Cork (2018)

West Cork (2018)

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What sets “West Cork” Hosted by Jennifer Forde, apart from other true crime shows is its unique format. The series combines interviews with locals, journalists, and investigators, along with dramatic reconstructions, to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding Sophie’s death. Through carefully curated evidence and expert analysis, it investigates various theories, giving viewers an in-depth look into the complex case.

As the story unfolds, you’ll find yourself immersed in the picturesque backdrop of West Cork and swept up in the tight-knit community’s emotions and secrets. Perspectives shift, suspects emerge, and the truth becomes ever more elusive. “West Cork” doesn’t hold back, taking viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions as it explores the devastating impact of this crime on both Sophie’s family and the entire town.

6. Suspect (2021)

Suspect (2021)

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If you’re an avid true crime podcast listener, “Suspect” is a must-add to your playlist. This riveting series combines meticulous research with expert storytelling to bring you an in-depth look into some of the most baffling cases in recent history. As each episode unfolds, you’ll be taken on a journey filled with suspense, twists, and unexpected turns that will leave you craving for more.

In a sea of true crime podcasts, it can sometimes be challenging to find your next obsession. Look no further, as “Suspect” Hosted by Ashley Fantz and Matthew Shaer, undoubtedly deserves a spot on your true crime podcast recommendations list. With its seamless blend of storytelling and investigative journalism, this series offers a fresh and unique perspective on the world of crime. Prepare to be enthralled by its compelling cast of characters and the raw emotions that pour through your headphones.

7. Dark Asia with Megan (2023)

Dark Asia with Megan (2023)

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First launched in 2023, “Dark Asia with Megan” Hosted by Megan Le, has quickly gained a loyal following by delving into the region’s most notorious cases. From unsolved murders to bizarre disappearances, Megan leaves no stone unturned in her quest for justice. Each episode takes listeners on a thrilling journey, combining factual information with detailed storytelling to paint a vivid picture of the crimes that have left a haunting mark on Asia’s history.

Not only does Megan provide listeners with gripping tales of true crime, but she also takes the time to deeply analyze each case. Her podcast reviews dissect the evidence, speculates on motives, and explores the cultural and societal factors that contribute to these crimes. This attention to detail sets “Dark Asia with Megan” apart from other true crime shows, making it a must-listen for both true crime enthusiasts and curious minds seeking to understand the darker side of the continent.

8. The Red Note (2020)

The Red Note (2020)

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In the realm of popular true crime shows and intriguing investigations, “The Red Note” (2020) stands out as a gripping tale that captivates audiences with its chilling narrative. This true crime podcast, hosted by Lydia Cacho, takes listeners on a haunting journey through one of the most perplexing murder cases of recent times. With a meticulous attention to detail and a compelling storytelling style, “The Red Note” leaves no stone unturned in its quest for justice.

The podcast follows the unsolved murder of Jane Reynolds, a young aspiring actress whose life was brutally cut short. As Thompson delves into the depths of this convoluted case, she navigates through a web of lies, secrets, and red herrings, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats. Each episode uncovers new evidence and introduces intriguing suspects, leaving the audience engrossed in the search for the truth.

9. The Shrink Next Door (2019)

The Shrink Next Door (2019)

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The Shrink Next Door, a true crime podcast that aired in 2019, quickly captivated audiences with its chilling and jaw-dropping narrative. This six-episode series, hosted by journalist Joe Nocera, delves into the unbelievable story of a therapist who manipulated and controlled his patient’s life for over three decades.

The podcast meticulously reveals the shocking details of how Dr. Isaac Herschkopf exploited his position of power to deceive and exploit his patient, Marty Markowitz, a successful businessman. This chilling tale of psychological manipulation and abuse unfolds as Nocera interviews friends, family, and colleagues who were directly impacted by Herschkopf’s sinister tactics.

10. Crime Junkie (2017)

Crime Junkie (2017)

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Crime Junkie, established in 2017, is a highly acclaimed true crime podcast that has garnered a massive following of dedicated fans. Hosted by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, this gripping podcast dives deep into chilling true crime cases from around the world. With over 200 episodes, Crime Junkie offers a vast array of intriguing and well-researched stories that keep listeners on the edge of their seats.

One of the reasons Crime Junkie has become a favorite among true crime enthusiasts is its unique storytelling style. Ashley and Brit masterfully present the facts of each case in a captivating manner, keeping the listeners engaged and eager for more. Their dedication to thorough research ensures that the information presented is accurate and up-to-date. This attention to detail has earned Crime Junkie a reputation for providing reliable and high-quality content.


The genre of true crime offers an array of podcasts that cater to a wide range of interests, from the deeply analytical to the entertainingly speculative. Whether you’re new to this genre or a seasoned listener looking for new recommendations, the aforementioned list includes some of the best true crime podcasts available today. Each podcast offers a unique lens through which to view the complexities of human behavior and the justice system, providing hours of compelling content that both entertains and educates.


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