The Marvelous Mystery House

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Room of Unusual Size

The Room of Unusual size will make you appear taller or smaller depending on which side you stand on. This is based on the classic roadside attraction known as an Ames Room which is an optical illusion invented by American ophthalmologist Adelbert Ames, Jr. in 1946. The Room of Unusual Size was designed by Foxworth Architecture and constructed by Chris Wunderlich and Joe Brownfield.


Big Bertha

Behold Big Bertha! Big Bertha boasts the biggest bosom this side of the Mason-Dixon coming in at over 8 feet tall and 12 feet deep! You must make it through her cleavage to enter the attraction. Good luck!


Vortex Tunnel

Our most thrilling attraction is the 20 foot vortex tunnel that will leave you feeling like the world is upside down. Dare you cross the bridge? If you make it across, you will be greeted by Mister Marvel The Fortune Teller and the animatronic Bunny Behind The Curtain who controls it all. Look out for the air dancers on the way out!


More to come!

We will be developing new attractions in the future including a Gravity Room, Dark Ride and Spooky Funhouse! Stay tuned!