The Marvelous Mystery co-creators, Lorna-Mae Ward and Will Russell.

The Marvelous Mystery co-creators, Lorna-Mae Ward and Will Russell.

Building A Mystery

The Marvelous Mystery was started in summer of 2018 by WHY Louisville creator, Lebowski Fest co-founder and founder of Everything Will Be OK Project, Will Russell and Lorna-Mae Ward who has had years of experience managing local businesses. It is an extension of the WHY Louisville brand featuring shirts designed by local artists, and art gallery and a roadside attraction based on classic roadside attractions. We are currently an online only business with pop-up events including Adrian Wright’s “Disfigured” art show happening October 6th at our temporary space in Phoenix Hill at 414 Baxter Ave which will include a free classic spook house.

The Marvelous Mystery will open a brick and mortar location in the Barret Avenue retail corridor recently dubbed “The Paradise District” in an old hardware store next to the former Lynn’s Paradise Cafe and Nitty Gritty Vintage Store. We are looking to open in November of this year and have a book launch and art show planned with Yoko Molotov featuring her Babes of Louisville Project on December 8th, 2018.

Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook for behind the scenes photos as we develop this amazing space! There are many good things ahead!